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Complete Guide: Testing for Asbestos by Global Audits.

When it comes to the safety of your property and the health of its occupants, testing for asbestos is a crucial step in ensuring a hazard-free environment. Global Asbestos Audits, a leading authority in asbestos testing, offers reliable and affordable asbestos test solutions to meet your needs. In this article, we will explore the different methods for asbestos testing, with a focus on Global Asbestos Audits’ specialised services using Polarised Light Microscopy (PLM) in compliance with Australian Standard 4964-2004.

Testing Methods:

Global Asbestos Audits employs cutting-edge techniques to identify asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) in your property accurately. Our testing methods include a combination of Stereo Microscopy and Polarised Light Microscopy (PLM), which also utilises Dispersion Staining (DS). These techniques ensure the most precise results, helping you make informed decisions regarding asbestos management and removal.

Three Ways to Conduct an Asbestos Test:

1. Hire a Professional Asbestos Tester:

For those who prefer to leave the asbestos testing process to the experts, Global Asbestos Audits offers professional asbestos testing services. Our skilled technicians will visit your property, collect asbestos testing samples, and transport them to our state-of-the-art laboratory for analysis. 

You’ll receive a laboratory report that will indicate which types of asbestos fibres (if any) are found; Amosite, Chrysotile, Crocidolite. As well as any synthetic or organic fibres.

It will also indicate the kind of material, e.g. low-density fibre board, zelamite, millboard etc.

Based on the results, we provide tailored recommendations for asbestos audits, reporting, management, removal, and registers, ensuring your property is safe and compliant with regulations.

2. Use an Asbestos Test Kit:

Global Asbestos Audits provides convenient asbestos test kits designed for assessing low-risk asbestos materials such as textured coatings and cement. These kits come in various sizes, starting from just $120. 

Ordering is simple—just send us an email at [email protected]

and we will promptly dispatch your kit. 

With step-by-step instructions included, conducting an asbestos test has never been easier*.

*Asbestos Testing kits should not replace the use of a professional surveyor.

3. Collect Your Own Asbestos Sample:

If you prefer a hands-on approach, you can collect your own asbestos sample following our guidelines and post it to us for laboratory analyses:

         Target Sample size- approximately the size of a 20-cent coin.

Wear a P2 dust mask to protect yourself.Use a non-serrated tool, like a chisel, to carefully collect the sample.Place the sample directly into a labelled ziplock bag.Ensure any exposed edges are sealed.Double bag the sample for extra security.Display your order number on the bag.Mail it to P.O. Box 3070 Newmarket QLD 4051.

Testing for asbestos is a vital step in maintaining a safe and healthy environment. Global Asbestos Audits offers reliable, cost-effective, and compliant asbestos testing solutions. Whether you choose to hire our professionals, use our asbestos test kits, or collect your own samples, you can trust us to provide accurate results and expert guidance.

Prioritise safety and asbestos management by partnering with Global Asbestos Audits for all your asbestos testing needs.