Fully licenced & certified Asbestos Assessors

Asbestos Testing

Asbestos Testing

Asbestos Testing

Samples are tested in accordance to the Australian Standard 4964-2004, using a combination of Stereo Microscopy and Polarised Light Microscopy (PLM) including Dispersion Staining (DS).

Laboratory report

You’ll receive a laboratory report which will indicate which types of asbestos fibres (if any) are found; Amosite, Chrysotile, Crocidolite. As well any synthetic or organic fibres.

It will also indicate the kind of material, e.g. low-density fibre board, zelamite, millboard etc.

Taking samples


For the analysis, we only need is a small sample roughly the size of a 20 cent coin.

Pre Sampling

  1. Ensure you are wearing a P2 dusk mask and use only non-serrated, non-mechanical tools (a chisel will be ideal for most situations).
  2. Lightly wet down the area before taking the sample.


  1. Extract the sample; place directly into ziplock bag – labeled with the sample identification.
  2. Seal any raw or exposed edges using a sealant such as: Paint, PVA glue or similar.

Repeat above steps for each sample. Please ensuing all samples are individually bagged and labelled.

Post Sampling

Double bag it

Place all samples in a separate ziplock bag to achieve the double bag requirement. Please display your order number on this bag.

Post it

Submit all samples to P.O. Box 3070 Newmarket QLD 4051.