Fully licenced & certified Asbestos Assessors

Clearance Certificates

Independent Clearance inspections and Certificates for re-occupation post asbestos removal. As required by law.

Australian OHS & WHS regulations impose various requirements during and after asbestos removal projects. At the completion of removal works, an independent assessor must perform a clearance inspection.

The purpose of this inspection is to ensure that the removal area is fit for re-occupation. This is conducted by ensuring all visible asbestos-containing material and related debris within the removal scope has been removed appropriately. Clearance Air monitoring is used to validate the area as fit for re-occupation.

GAA licensed asbestos assessors are committed to 100% compliance. Once the removal area has passed our stringent assessing proceedings, and air monitoring results are below 0.01 fibres/ml, a clearance certificate will be issued.

What’s involved?

One of our licensed asbestos assessors will consult with the asbestos removal company, and review the asbestos removal control plan.

Depending upon the job’s specifications, the assessor will conduct air monitoring, testing and other hygienist work before, during and after the removal, which will coincide with the final clearance inspection before the removal area is deemed safe for re-occupation.

Your responsibility.

Legally you must retain your clearance certificate for 30 years.

Updating Your Asbestos Register

Your asbestos register must be updated to reflect the removal works as per the clearance certificate. Asbestos can’t be removed from your asbestos register without a compliant clearance certificate.


It’s a requirement that a clearance certificate is issued at the completion of all asbestos removal works (Class A & Class B). The area cannot legally be reoccupied without one.