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Trust Global Asbestos Audits with Your Asbestos Testing in Sydney

For health and legal compliance, asbestos testing in Sydney matters.

At Global Asbestos Audits, we provide asbestos air testing and asbestos sample testing to help building owners assess their asbestos risks. The testing services we provide form part of the crucial component for ongoing legal compliance. If you don’t have an asbestos register for your building yet, call us today.

The Importance of Hiring an Assessor for Asbestos Testing in Sydney

Why is it so crucial to hire an asbestos assessor to inspect your building thoroughly? Here are a few of the top reasons:

  • It’s the law: Depending on the State, most buildings and workplaces built before 31 December 2003 are legally required to have an Asbestos Register and Management Plan on file. This law applies to any residences used as a workplace or office space. Global Asbestos Audits can prepare these documents for you.
  • Asbestos is common: Up until the 1980s, Australia was one of the biggest users of asbestos of any country in the world. Asbestos was officially banned as of 31 December 2003, but houses and commercial or industrial buildings constructed before that may still have asbestos containing materials. In particular, houses and buildings built in the 1980s or earlier are very likely to have at least some asbestos on site.
  • Asbestos poses a significant health risk: Asbestos is a known carcinogen (cancer-causing agent) that has been found to cause diseases such as asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma. These conditions and others do not typically manifest until many years after exposure. Locating asbestos in your building, assessing risk level and removing materials where necessary can keep you and other people in your building safe.

Tips for Dealing with Asbestos

Whether you think your building has an asbestos issue or not, it’s essential to comply with the law and make sure there is a Register and Management Plan on file. Here are a few tips to help you get your building adequately tested:

  • Don’t try to do it yourself: Asbestos testing and removal are two things that are not a part of the DIY culture. You need to hire licenced and experienced contractors to handle this work. Not only do they know how to identify asbestos-containing materials, but they are also trained to handle those materials safely and carefully should removal be a necessary step.
  • Look for experience: Experience matters when it comes to asbestos testing and management. You want a contractor or company that has been around for a while, is well regarded in this field and has a team of highly experienced and licenced assessors.
  • Ask what the service includes: You don’t just need to know whether there are asbestos-containing materials on your property. On the contrary, you need a detailed inspection report, documenting the locations of ACMs, the condition of those materials, the type of asbestos you are dealing with, the level of exposure risk you are facing and more. Find a company that provides this kind of comprehensive assessment, complete with photographic evidence and advice on next steps.

At Global Asbestos Audits, we bring 12 years of experience and a reputation for thorough inspections and reports. Contact us today to engage our services for asbestos testing in Sydney.