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Be Certain You’re Safe with Asbestos Inspections & Audits in Adelaide

Businesses need asbestos audits in Adelaide.

Asbestos is a hazardous material that it’s important to be aware of, especially in older buildings. While it was most famous for being used as insulation, you can also find it in many other items, including brake pads and other seemingly-innocuous objects found in various businesses.

Tips Regarding Asbestos Audits in Adelaide

  • The asbestos survey is a detailed examination of your physical plant and the various objects you have around it.
  • We catalogue the asbestos at your location and create the Asbestos Register.
  • The Asbestos Register includes a management plan, action plan, sampling, and a code-compliant summary of the inspection.

Our asbestos audits in Adelaide consist of several parts.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Asbestos Inspections

Some people make assumptions that lead them to make faulty decisions.

  • Asbestos is not just a problem for older buildings.
  • Asbestos comes in more than insulation and can be in areas you don’t expect it.
  • Without a proper inspection, you can easily be breaking the rules without realising it.

Asbestos is a concern both for your team’s safety and governmental regulations, so it pays to have accurate information.

Why Trust Global Asbestos Audits Regarding Asbestos Audits in Adelaide

We’ve operated for 12 years with offices in every provincial capital. Our reports, conducted by a team of well-trained, experienced, and licensed assessors, are comprehensive and exhaustive. We speed up the process by providing same-day turnaround on samples with our mobile labs. Contact us today to schedule an inspection.