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Be Knowledgeable and Safe with Asbestos Testing in Adelaide

Asbestos testing in Adelaide is essential for businesses.

Every building constructed before 2004 is mandated by law to have an active Asbestos Register that is current for all asbestos materials on hand. Global Asbestos Audits conducts assessments that give you the detailed information to avoid fees and ensure that you and your team are safe.

What You Can Expect from Global Asbestos Audits Regarding Asbestos Testing in Adelaide

We offer a level of professionalism that you can rely on with our asbestos testing in Adelaide.

  • Experience – Our auditors have years of experience, and we’ve operated for over a decade throughout Australia. We are familiar with the codes and regulations for every province and city, including Adelaide.
  • Accessibility – Beyond merely having the report, it must be understandable for those reading. We conduct the hard science and simplify it to the point that you don’t need an advanced degree in chemistry to understand.
  • Paperwork – When we’re finished, you’ll have the report as well as all clearances and certifications mandated by the government.

What Sets Global Asbestos Audits Apart Regarding Asbestos Testing in Adelaide

Our asbestos testing in Adelaide is second to none for several reasons.

  • Our team has extensive training and licenses to work in any environment.
  • Your report will be intricately detailed with photographs and explanations of all areas of concern.
  • We can complete our tests swiftly with our mobile lab, usually with a 24-hour turnaround time.

When you work with us, you’ll have a comprehensive report and action plan in record time.

Why Trust Global Asbestos Audits Regarding Asbestos Testing in Adelaide

We stand by the quality of our work and the reports we produce. Our team makes it easy for you to remain in compliance and conduct testing painlessly. Contact us to schedule asbestos testing in Adelaide so you can stay in compliance and keep your business safe.