Fully licenced & certified Asbestos Assessors

Protect Your Business with an Asbestos Management Plan and Register in Sydney

Be safe with an Asbestos Register in Sydney.

Our auditors produce incredibly detailed registers showing each room and material in depth to ensure you and your business has the protection it needs. Even more important than being code-compliant, your staff and customers’ wellbeing comes first when we develop an Asbestos Register for your Sydney business.

Related Services We Provide to Asbestos Management Plans

Our auditors provide you with more than just a catalogue or plan on how to proceed.

  • Thorough Details – You will receive a precisely detailed log of all asbestos-containing materials, including pictures, so you know precisely where potential hazards are.
  • Professional Recommendations – Based on our findings, we compile a list of recommendations for how best to ensure your team’s safety.
  • Results – We conduct the testing necessary to determine accurate and confident information about your business and safety, with fibre samples included in your report.

What You Can Expect from Global Asbestos Audits Regarding an Asbestos Register in Sydney

We’re the leading asbestos auditing company for several reasons.

  • We have over a decade of experience serving Australia.
  • You can find our offices in every provincial capital.
  • We are fully-licensed and focused asbestos auditors.

Why Global Asbestos Audits Is Cost Effective

We help you avoid excessive fees and keep your business safe and productive. Our report will satisfy government agents while the knowledge that your team is safe satisfies your worries. Contact us to schedule an assessment today.