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What You Should Know About Keeping an Asbestos Register in Melbourne

Keeping your asbestos register in Melbourne updated is very important.

So important, in fact, that at Global Asbestos Audits it is one of the core services we offer. However, we go beyond generating a basic register that’s just there to meet compliance. We work to ensure our clients walk away fully equipped with a detailed guide to understanding and interpreting results.

Helpful Tips for Maintaining Your Asbestos Register in Melbourne

Although businesses must contend with mountains of paperwork daily, the register for your business is especially important. Consider these tips for operating within the rules:

  • Have a plan for storage and maintenance of your asbestos register. Melbourne businesses must keep an on-site copy of their register; regular updates are essential, too.
  • Ensure that your register informs a reliable management plan. Businesses must also showcase that they understand how to manage asbestos not just today but, in the future, as well.

Other Services GAA Provides Alongside Asbestos Register Creation in Melbourne

Alongside providing a dependable choice for the creation or updating of an asbestos register in Melbourne, we also help in other areas. Some of our other services include:

  • Project planning and management to ensure contractors undertake only the correct actions.
  • Air quality monitoring when removing friable asbestos or when damage causes a risk of exposure.
  • Rapid sample testing for identification of ACM.

About Global Asbestos Audits

Aiding with managing and mitigating hazardous asbestos nationwide for more than a decade, GAA is made up of an elite team of professionals from many industries. Operating in every capital city and with the ability to service partners regionally as well, our extensive reach and solid industry connections enable us to equip our clients for safety and success. To request a consultation on the challenges facing your business, please contact us today.