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Understand Sydney On-Site Asbestos Inspection & Audit Reports

The right asbestos audits in Sydney make achieving compliance simple.

With updates to the Work Health and Safety Regulation in 2017, many businesses may still be wondering what precisely has changed and which new obligations they face. In older structures in which asbestos-containing materials may be present or are known to be present, a regular audit to assess location and condition is key. At Global Asbestos Audits, we offer straightforward service to Sydney businesses who need help with asbestos auditing.

What Issues Can You Address with GAA Asbestos Audits in Sydney?

Our experience and our tailored, site-specific approaches to asbestosinspection enable our consultants to achieve better outcomes while addressing common asbestos audit problems, including:

  • Out-of-date reports or lapsed compliance. We typically recommend that our clients update their register annually through a routine asbestosaudit. Out-of-date information not only puts your business at risk of compliance problems but also means potentially allowing a hazard to develop.
  • Uncertainty over the need to start removal work. Over time, some types of ACM (asbestos-containing material) can degrade, potentially allowing friable fibres to break off and become airborne. This process poses a danger to the health of those working on-site. Reassessing materials from time to time can help you to identify problem areas before a real risk develops.
  • A lack of direction in your asbestos management plans. How to best tackle an asbestos issue can be a challenging question, especially when other matters feel more pressing to day-to-day operations and demand so much of your attention. Global Asbestos Audits action plans make it simple to determine the best course of action.

GAA makes it easy for your business to avoid these common asbestos audit pitfalls.

The Three Things That Set a GAA Asbestos Audit Apart from Others

What makes the Global Asbestos Audits team the right choice for your next asbestos audits in Sydney?

  • We scale rapidly while still providing fast turnarounds and reliable service. We are proud to serve business partners both large and small, including multinational businesses facing high levels of need.
  • Our asbestos reports are in a class of their own, underpinned by the philosophy that no report should require hours of scrutiny to understand. Through a unique system that involves colour coding, concise formatting, and clear photographs, we make it easy to see the results of your inspection.
  • In-depth experience that goes beyond inspections. We are not only inspectors but also project managers, air quality monitoring professionals, and highly experienced workers regarding contaminated sites and soil analysis.

Save Money: Get Asbestos Audits in Sydney from GAA You Can Put to Use

With well-developed skills, multiple supportive services, and a dedication to executing every job at the highest level, Global Asbestos Audits offers a highly mature process ideal for businesses of all sizes.

Our thorough approach combined with the experience of all the audits conducted by our professional consultants in the past enables Global Asbestos Audits to provide a cost-effective service to your Sydney business. Start a conversation today to enlist our assistance.