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Asbestos Audits Melbourne

Take Full Advantage of Inspection Reports Generated from Thorough Asbestos Audits in Melbourne

Staying safe and compliant means routine asbestos audits in Melbourne.

Whether your business has recently taken control of new premises, has completed asbestos removal work, or just hasn’t updated its register, an audit is a valuable tool. Managing liability and ensuring a safe environment for employees and the public are responsibilities that rest with you. At Global Asbestos Audits, we proudly offer a superior service to ensure all Melbourne businesses and building owners have access to the asbestos support they need.

What Can You Expect Working with GAA for an Asbestos Audit?

There are many choices available for auditing, but Global Asbestos Audits stands out based on our 30 years of combined experience and our nationwide operating abilities. Businesses that partner with us can expect:

  • Industry-leading reports that equip you with everything you need to know in one package. We take pride in standing out from the crowd with our unique approach to asbestosreports.
  • A clear path to compliance. We are here to give your business the full benefit of our experience and support for understanding relevant laws so you don’t need to try to become familiar with a thick stack of regulations on your own to keep your business compliant.
  • Access to additional services. Global Asbestos Audits provides Melbourne businesses with help that scales to meet different levels of service requirements. For example, we are adept in project management, so we can simplify the process of overseeing complete removals.

The Unique Benefits of GAA’s Asbestos Reports

A stand-out feature of our asbestos audits in Melbourne is the report we generate for clients at the conclusion of the inspection. What makes these reports different from others you’ll find in the industry?

  • Clear, concise writing and formatting makes all our asbestosreports easy to read. Have you encountered reports in the past so thick with jargon that deciphering the location of problem areas on your property was next to impossible? We stick to a report format that anyone can read with ease—not only those with asbestos training.
  • Colour-coding that takes the guesswork out of every page. Seeing where problems and concerns lie at a glance makes thinking about your next steps much easier. We use a colour system that allows readers to rapidly see which pages contain the most critical items.
  • In-depth photographs for clarity. Every report features up to five clear pictures of each log entry, making it easy to not only identify problem areas today but also keep track of them into the future.

Why Global Asbestos Audits in Melbourne Are Cost Effective

Detailed, easy-to-follow reports combined with our other supportive services make Global Asbestos Audits a cost-effective and reliable choice for Melbourne. By delivering all the data businesses need to make informed choices, we hope to help ensure their access to safe, hazard-free workplaces. View a sample of our reporting style, or get in touch with GAA now to arrange for service and discuss the benefits of transitioning to annual audits.