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What are the Main Types of Asbestos Building Surveys?

Asbestos building surveys play a critical role in ensuring safety and compliance in various building and construction scenarios. Whether you’re involved in a construction project, demolition, renovation, or property transaction in Australia, understanding the different types of asbestos building surveys is crucial to avoid costly delays and potential health hazards. In this article, we will explore the main types of asbestos building surveys and their significance.

1. Project/Construction Asbestos Building Survey:
When embarking on a new construction project, it’s essential to conduct a project asbestos building survey. This survey assesses the presence and condition of asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) in existing structures within the project area. Identifying and managing asbestos early in the project can prevent disruptions and ensure the safety of workers and occupants.

Pre-Project Asbestos Building Survey
Demolition Asbestos Building Survey

2. Demolition Asbestos Building Survey:
Before demolishing a building, an invasive asbestos building survey is mandatory. This survey thoroughly examines the entire structure to detect any hidden ACMs. Proper identification and safe removal of asbestos are critical to protect workers, the environment, and nearby communities during demolition.

3. Refurbishment/Renovation Asbestos Building Survey:
Planning a renovation or refurbishment project? An asbestos building survey should be conducted before any work begins. This survey identifies ACMs that might be disturbed during the renovation process. Safely managing asbestos in these situations is crucial to prevent exposure and potential legal repercussions.

Asbestos Building Survey to Identify ACMs
Compliance Asbestos Building Surveys

4. Compliance Asbestos Building Survey (when selling or purchasing commercial property in Australia):

For those involved in commercial property transactions in Australia, compliance with asbestos regulations is essential. A compliance asbestos building survey ensures that the property complies with asbestos-related laws and regulations. Sellers must disclose any asbestos-containing materials, and buyers should be aware of any potential asbestos risks before finalising the transaction.

It’s worth noting that asbestos building surveys are not only about compliance but also about safety. ACMs, when damaged or disturbed, release hazardous fibres that can lead to severe health issues, including lung cancer and mesothelioma. Therefore, it is crucial to engage a professional asbestos building survey provider, such as Global Asbestos Audits, to conduct thorough inspections and assessments.

In the realm of construction and property transactions, asbestos building surveys are indispensable tools for protecting health and ensuring legal compliance. Neglecting to address asbestos-related concerns can result in costly delays, legal complications, and, most importantly, harm to people’s health.

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