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Western Australia adopts the WHS

With the adoption of the WHS, Western Australian PCBUs need to take steps now to ensure they are compliant. All asbestos registers produced under the NOHSC regulations must be updated to comply.

Are you compliant in WA?

With Government audits underway, make sure your asbestos reports are WHS ready.

    All asbestos registers that were previously produced under the NOHSC (National Occupational Health and Safety Commission) regulations must now be updated to align with the new WHS standards.

    Maintaining up-to-date asbestos reports and registers is a legal requirement under the WHS regulations. Failing to do so can result in non-compliance, which may lead to legal penalties, fines, and potential liabilities.

    An up-to-date asbestos register helps in identifying and assessing the risks associated with asbestos exposure. This information is crucial for implementing effective risk management strategies, minimising the chances of asbestos-related incidents, and safeguarding both workers and occupants of the premises.

    Asbestos regulations and safety standards can evolve over time. Keeping registers current ensures that the workplace remains aligned with the latest regulatory requirements, reducing the risk of non-compliance.

    Global Asbestos Audits are specialists in asbestos registers and compliance under the WHS standards.

    Consult with us to ensure your workplace is both safe and compliant.