Fully licenced & certified Asbestos Assessors

Due Diligence – OHS Assessments

All OHS assessments are carefully planned and conducted, to address the specific needs of a diverse range of client profiles and ensure legislative compliance and industry Best Practice.

Global Asbestos Audits OHS Assessments are undertaken to complement our clients existing safety programmes and are an essential management tool to reduce injury, illness, low staff morale and the associated economic costs.


OHS Property assessments identify site-specific hazards in your workplace. They are necessary to help prevent injuries, to employees, contractors and the public, and satisfy due diligence and duty of care requirements under state and national legislation. Global Asbestos Audits provides comprehensive OHS audit reports which clearly illustrate where hazards exist, and how they may be mitigated.

Plant and Equipment

Plant and equipment may constitute an OHS risk through incorrect guarding, positioning, operation or maintenance. Global Asbestos Audits OHS professionals can assess specialist or general industrial plant within the workplace. Assessments report safety deficiencies and our expert team can assist our clients in developing Safe Procedures for all types of equipment and processing.


Occupational Health and Safety is a dynamic and proactive process, requiring the understanding and participation of staff at all levels within an organisation. Global Asbestos Audits offers tailored training solutions to enable your team to take ownership of your safety programme, delivered by our OHS professionals who are also qualified workplace trainers.