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NSW government ordered asbestos audits

Why has the NSW government ordered asbestos audits in NSW?

The New South Wales government’s decision to order asbestos audits in NSW reflects a proactive approach to managing the risks associated with asbestos. Asbestos audits in NSW have become increasingly important due to the historical use of asbestos in various building materials and the ongoing risk it poses to public health and safety. This article delves into the reasons behind the NSW government’s emphasis on asbestos audits and highlights the role of Global Asbestos Audits in ensuring safety and compliance.

Background of Asbestos Audits NSW

The call for asbestos audits in NSW by the NSW government is rooted in a commitment to public safety and environmental protection. In 2012, the NSW government ordered comprehensive asbestos audits across the state, recognising the widespread presence of asbestos in older buildings and infrastructure. This initiative was further reinforced by the state-wide asbestos plan introduced by SafeWork NSW in 2013, which aimed to effectively manage and mitigate the risks associated with asbestos.

The Rozelle Parklands Incident

Asbestos Removal Rozelle Parklands, Sydney, NSW

A recent incident underscoring the need for rigorous asbestos audits in NSW is the discovery of asbestos waste at Rozelle Parklands in Sydney. This incident highlights the ongoing risk of asbestos exposure in public areas and the critical need for regular asbestos audits to proactively identify and manage these hazards.

The Importance of Asbestos Audits in NSW

Public Health and Safety: Asbestos audits in NSW are crucial for protecting public health. Asbestos, when disturbed, can release fibres harmful to human health, leading to severe diseases, including mesothelioma and lung cancer.

Lung Cancer Metastasis

Environmental Protection: Asbestos audits in NSW also play a vital role in environmental protection. Identifying and safely managing asbestos-containing materials is essential to prevent contamination of the natural environment.

Regulatory Compliance: The NSW government’s regulations require identifying and properly managing asbestos. Asbestos audits in NSW ensure that buildings and worksites comply with these regulations, thereby avoiding legal repercussions.

Risk Management: Asbestos audits in NSW help assess the condition of asbestos-containing materials. This assessment is crucial for planning removal or containment measures to mitigate risks.

The Role of Global Asbestos Audits

Global Asbestos Audits is a leader in conducting comprehensive asbestos audits in NSW and across Australia. With expertise in identifying, managing, and advising on asbestos-related risks, Global Asbestos Audits offers the following services:

Thorough Asbestos Identification: Expert teams conduct detailed inspections to identify asbestos in buildings, infrastructure, and land areas.

Risk Assessment and Management Plans: Global Asbestos Audits provides tailored solutions for managing identified asbestos, ensuring safety and regulatory compliance.

Ongoing Support and Consultation: Global Asbestos Audits offer ongoing support and advice to manage asbestos safely over the long term, adapting to changing regulations and circumstances.

The NSW government’s directive for asbestos audits in NSW is a critical step towards safeguarding public health and the environment. The discovery of asbestos waste in places like Rozelle Parklands underscores the ongoing need for these audits. Engaging with experienced professionals like Global Asbestos Audits is essential for effective asbestos management. Their expertise ensures not only compliance with regulatory standards but also the provision of a safer environment for the people of NSW. Remember, regular asbestos audits in NSW are not just a regulatory requirement but underpin public health and safety.

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