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What Does an Asbestos Assessor Do?

An asbestos assessor is critical in identifying, assessing, and managing asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) within residential and commercial properties. With their specialised knowledge and training, they ensure the safety of occupants by minimising exposure to this hazardous substance.

What Does an Asbestos Assessor Assess?

Asbestos assessors perform comprehensive assessments in both residential and commercial settings to identify the presence of ACMs. They evaluate the condition and risk associated with these materials and determine appropriate management strategies to mitigate potential health hazards.

Does an Asbestos Assessor Need to Be Licensed?

In Australia, asbestos assessors must hold the necessary licences and certifications to carry out their duties effectively. These qualifications ensure they possess the expertise to conduct accurate assessments and adhere to stringent safety protocols.

What Will an Asbestos Assessor Do During an Inspection?

During an inspection, an asbestos assessor will meticulously examine the property, focusing on areas where ACMs are commonly found. They utilise specialised equipment and techniques to identify asbestos-containing materials and assess their condition and potential risk factors. Assessments will typically involve a combination of visual inspection and taking samples of any suspected asbestos-containing material (ACMs) for lab analysis. It may be necessary to conduct an entire Division 5 Asbestos Audit, which relies on visual inspection, or a Division 6 Asbestos Audit, which is more intrusive and requires disturbing suspected ACMs.

Is it a Legal Requirement to Get an Asbestos Assessment?

Yes. Regulations surrounding asbestos assessments vary across states in Australia, but obtaining an asbestos assessment is generally a legal requirement for workplaces, especially before demolition or renovation projects. Compliance with regulations set forth by Safe Work Australia and state-specific WorkSafe regulations is imperative to ensure the safety of occupants and workers.

Safe Work Australia

Asbestos Assessments Prior to Demolition

Asbestos Assessor

Before undertaking demolition activities, conducting a thorough asbestos assessment to identify and manage any ACMs on the site is essential. This assessment helps prevent the accidental release of asbestos fibres into the air, safeguarding the health of workers and the surrounding community.

Assessment Assessments After Asbestos Removal (Clearance Certificates)

Asbestos Assessor and Clearance Certificates

Following asbestos removal procedures, a licensed asbestos assessor conducts clearance inspections to ensure that the area is free from asbestos contamination. They issue clearance certificates upon successful completion, ensuring the site is safe for reoccupation or further work.

Asbestos Assessments for Asbestos Registers

Asbestos assessments contribute to the compilation of asbestos registers, which document the location and condition of ACMs within a property. These registers are essential for ongoing management and maintenance of asbestos-containing materials, ensuring continued safety and compliance.

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For trusted asbestos assessment and management services, Global Asbestos Audits offers comprehensive solutions tailored to your property’s needs. Our team of experienced assessors navigates the intricate regulations surrounding asbestos safety, providing peace of mind and ensuring compliance with all legal requirements.

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