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Understanding Division 6 Asbestos Audit & Intrusive Surveys

Asbestos debris clearly visible during an Intrusive Asbestos Survey.

Asbestos, a hazardous material commonly found in older buildings, poses significant health risks when disturbed. To ensure the safety of occupants and workers, regulations and guidelines have been established to manage and control asbestos-containing materials (ACMs). When a commercial property or site built before 2004 in Australia is undergoing demolition of building works, a Division 6 Asbestos Audit will need to be conducted. A Division 6 Asbestos Audit is considered to be an intrusive survey as it involves a more destructive approach, such as ripping up carpet to see what’s underneath and taking samples of suspected asbestos-containing materials.

Division 6 Asbestos Audit

A Division 6 Asbestos Audit is a comprehensive assessment conducted in commercial, industrial, and public buildings to identify and manage ACMs effectively. It is conducted in accordance with the Australian legislation under the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2017. The audit involves inspecting the premises and collecting samples for analysis to determine the presence, location, condition, and risk level of ACMs.

Purpose of Division 6 Asbestos Audit

The primary objectives of a Division 6 asbestos audit are to identify ACMs that workers may come into contact with during the demolition or renovation of the property and to create an asbestos register and management plan, which outlines the location of ACMs and the necessary control measures. This information is vital for building owners, property managers, and contractors to ensure occupants’ safety and comply with legal obligations.

Intrusive Asbestos Survey

An intrusive asbestos survey is a more general name to describe the Division 6 asbestos audit process. It involves physically accessing concealed or hard-to-reach areas to identify hidden or inaccessible ACMs. This type of survey often requires removing building materials or opening up structures for a thorough inspection.

Division 6 Asbestos Audit/ Intrusive Asbestos Survey

The Division 6 asbestos audit provides a comprehensive assessment of the ACMs within a building and is essential in managing asbestos risks, providing crucial information for creating effective management plans. Intrusive asbestos surveys may be necessary in certain situations to ensure a thorough evaluation and minimise risks. To protect the health and safety of your building’s occupants while complying with relevant regulations and guidelines, contact Global Asbestos Audits today!