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Safety Management System Audits

Safety MAP

Safety MAP (Safety Management Achievement Program) is a Worksafe audit tool, for an independent evaluation of an organisation’s health and safety management system. Using Safety MAP, our auditors can assess safety systems for all public and private organisations, and across all industries.

Safety MAP is designed as a holistic approach to OHS and aims to ensure Safety management systems are fully integrated with all day to day business activities. Identify if your current OHS systems are robust enough, or need a little extra fine-tuning. Global Asbestos Audits auditors are certified to undertake Stage 1 and Stage 2 assessments, in accordance with JAS-ANZ requirements, to help gain WorkSafe Safety MAP certification for your organisation.


AS4801:2001 is the benchmark Australian Standard for safety management systems and amalgamates the best elements of previous New Zealand and Australian standards. Once the standard has been achieved, it becomes a useful tool and facilitates ongoing internal or external auditing of safety management systems.

GAA can ensure your organisation is compliant with AS4801:2001. However, compliance with the standard does not automatically mean the fulfilment of OHS legal obligations. We also help our clients to identify when OHS legal obligations remain unfulfilled, and how any deficiencies can be rectified.

Water Sampling and Analysis Services

Global Asbestos Audit Scientific Services is well equipped to provide comprehensive bacteriological and chemical testing services in a wide variety of sample matrices and offers clients a guaranteed fast, confidential, analytical response. Results are reported back quickly either over the telephone or facsimile, follow