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Building Works & Div 6

Before you renovate or demolish

Before any building works take place on a commercial or residential property (built pre-2004) any potential asbestos materials are to be identified – an Asbestos Register should be provided, this is the law.

It is recommended and it is law in Victoria (Division 6 audit) that a destructive investigation is undertaken prior to any work commencing. This will identify all visual and concealed asbestos materials and then the appropriate control measures can be put in place.

GAA has witnessed many times were these audits are not done prior to any work than during the project asbestos is discovered in concealed areas which then causes work to stop resulting in unscheduled delays and costly hold-ups. Worksafe authorities are often called in at times like these which can also lead to Fines.

There are a number of procedures that are required by different parties before building works can be started. Persons responsible for the building works and building owners all have certain responsibilities.

As with all occupational health and safety issues, if ACM is to be removed from a workplace, there must be full consultation, information sharing and involvement by everyone in the workplace, including employers, workers and contractors, at each step of the ACM removal process, using the established consultative mechanisms.

Some of the required documents: –

Required Documents:

  • Site-specific Work Method Statement/procedures
  • Asbestos Register
  • Control Plan
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Daily Safety Inductions/Toolbox talk
  • Training Certificates
  • Waste Transportation Plan
  • Inspections & Clearances
  • Local Workplace Health and Safety Requirements
  • Code of Practice – How to Safely Remove Asbestos

Global Asbestos Audit can help you with Technical Removal Specifications and all required documents to make sure you comply.