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GAA conduct exemplary asbestos audits to provide you with high-quality asbestos registers and management plans that are colour coded making it easy for anyone to read. GAA’s licensed asbestos assessors will make sure your Victorian property is and stays compliant with every changing Work Place Health and Safety regulation in Victoria.

In Victoria, the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations of 2017 stipulate certain requirements regarding asbestos registers. These regulations apply to individuals who manage or control a workplace (PCBU) where asbestos has been identified and employers who have management or control over asbestos within the workplace.

The key obligations related to asbestos registers include:

  • Maintenance: PCBU individuals and employers must maintain an asbestos register. This register should encompass crucial details, such as the precise location of asbestos, the probable source of non-fixed or non-installed asbestos, the type and condition of any asbestos-containing material (ACM), the classification of ACM as either friable or non-friable, the likelihood of ACM sustaining damage or deterioration, any workplace activities that may potentially damage or disturb asbestos, and a comprehensive account of inaccessible areas likely to contain asbestos.
  • Division 6 Before Demolition or Refurbishment: Prior to the commencement of demolition or refurbishment work within the workplace, a Division 6 inspection must be conducted. A Division 6 inspection incorporates invasive techniques to access materials that are obstructed during a typical Division 5 inspection. By pulling up carpet or looking behind wall cavities, a new asbestos register is compiled for the reliance on demolition or refurbishment works. Ensuring the project is safe from risks associated with visible and hidden asbestos within the building or structure and compliant. 

These regulations are designed to safeguard the health and well-being of individuals within Victorian workplaces by ensuring that asbestos risks are diligently managed and that accurate and comprehensive asbestos registers are maintained and reviewed as necessary. Failure to adhere to these requirements can result in legal consequences and potential health hazards associated with asbestos exposure. Hence, compliance with these regulations is of paramount importance for businesses and property owners in Victoria.

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