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GAA conducts exemplary asbestos audits to provide you with high-quality asbestos registers and management plans that are simple and easy for anyone to read. GAA’s licensed asbestos assessors will make sure your Tasmanian property is and stays compliant with every changing Work Place Health and Safety regulations.

What is the legal requirement for Asbestos Registers in Tasmania?

In Tasmania, the legal requirement for Asbestos Registers is outlined in the Workplace Health and Safety Regulations 2012. According to these regulations, any workplace that has, or is likely to have, asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) present must maintain an Asbestos Register.

The Asbestos Register should contain detailed information about the location, condition, and type of asbestos within the workplace. It must be regularly updated to ensure accuracy and to reflect any changes in the asbestos status of the premises.

Furthermore, it is essential that the Asbestos Register is readily accessible to workers, contractors, and any other individuals who may need to be aware of the presence of asbestos within the workplace. This accessibility helps ensure that all necessary precautions are taken to protect the health and safety of those working in or visiting the premises.

Compliance with these regulations is crucial to manage the risks associated with asbestos exposure and to maintain a safe and healthy working environment in Tasmania. Failure to maintain an accurate and accessible Asbestos Register can lead to legal consequences and potential health hazards for individuals working within the affected premises. Therefore, it is essential for businesses and property owners in Tasmania to be aware of and adhere to these legal requirements regarding Asbestos Registers.

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