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Asbestos Registers – Australian Capital Territory

Textbook asbestos audits are conducted to provide you with high-quality asbestos registers and management plans that are simple and easy to follow. GAA’s licensed asbestos assessors will make sure your ACT property stays compliant with ACT Work Safe regulations.

In Canberra, ACT, all structures constructed prior to 2004 are legally required to establish an Asbestos Management Plan on their premises.

This obligation is mandated by the ACT Dangerous Substances (General) Regulation of 2007, specifically targeting non-residential properties built before December 31, 2003. Property controllers are entrusted with a duty of care, commencing with the identification of asbestos presence or absence through an Asbestos Survey. Following this, they must implement an Asbestos Management Plan to effectively mitigate the hazard. The primary objective is to ensure a safe working environment for property occupants and anyone granted access or utilisation of the facilities within the premises.

An Asbestos Management Plan plays a vital role in aiding property managers and building owners in the continual oversight of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) identified within their structures. Global Asbestos Audits boasts extensive experience in developing these management plans for a diverse range of clients with both small and extensive property portfolios. The management plan should be readily accessible to building occupants, management personnel, contractors, and maintenance staff. It should also be integrated into the property’s induction program to ensure comprehensive understanding and compliance.

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