Fully licenced & certified Asbestos Assessors

Asbestos Register Controller’s Guide


To enable the effective management of all hazards associated with asbestos through a structured program that eliminates or minimises exposure in accordance with legislative requirements.


The purpose of this Policy is to minimise the exposure of persons to airborne fibres and dust caused by maintenance or alteration work carried out in the vicinity of asbestos. Asbestos removal work other than make safe, small jobs and emergencies is only to be undertaken by a licensed removalist in accordance with the Regulations and of Practice for Asbestos removal work and with the approval of the Asbestos Register Controller.

The Policy is:

  • To provide an Asbestos Register for all locations.
  • Induct and Train Employees & Contractors
  • Consult with Employees regarding the development and implementing of this Policy.
  • Keep all records relevant to Asbestos activities for 40 years from the date of last entry.

Global Asbestos Audits provides the complete “Asbestos Solution” as required by the above-mentioned codes and regulations;

  • The Asbestos Audit & Asbestos Register
  • Your Asbestos Management Policy & Facility Management Schedule – Site-specific
  • Your Staff/Tenant Handbook
  • The Staff/Tenant Induction Sheet
  • The Asbestos Controllers Guide
  • Work request & work completion Forms
  • Action Plan
  • Draft Company Statement
  • Draft Work Method Statement